At Studio Fakin Andraž Korošec s.p. (hereinafter referred to as "the provider"), we appreciate your privacy, so we always carefully protect your information, and when processing them, we comply with the relevant applicable legislation in each case. Therefore, as the administrators of this website, we (the provider) hereby regulate this privacy policy in order to protect your privacy and data, and for the purpose of your acquaintance with our data processing processes.

By using the website, the user acknowledges that he accepts and agrees with the entire contents of this privacy policy, as long as as they do not require additional forms of consent for individual cases. This privacy policy may be modified or updated at any time without notice or notice. By using this site after the amendment or supplement, the user acknowledges that he agrees with the amendments and supplements.

Individual paragraphs may contain information that is explained in more detail in other categories that can be found at the bottom of the website (e.g., Cookies).

Additional information that does not contain this privacy policy can be found in the section " GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS", which can be found at the bottom of the website.

Since we are aware that your privacy and familiarity with the processes of processing your personal data means a lot, we also invite you to read more about individual segments of personal data protection in the guidelines of the Information Commissioner, who acts in the territory of the Republic of Slovenia as the competent state body for the supervision of the legal framework for the protection of personal data.





Personal information is information that identifies you as an individual: your name, surname, electronic or regular address, etc.

For business purposes, the provider collects the following user data:

• name and surname,

• the address and place of residence,

• e-mail address (your username),

• contact telephone number,

• password in encrypted form,

• and other information you enter on the relevant forms on the website.

By registering and / or by submitting an order on the website, you explicitly agree that the provider may obtain personal data (name, address, residence address, e-mail address and any other information that you have provided to the provider for the purpose of fulfilling the order - voluntarily provided by the buyer), except for the purposes of negotiating for the conclusion of a contract or for the fulfillment of a contract – order (as defined in Article 10 of the applicable Personal Data Protection Act), also for direct marketing purposes through all advertising channels used by the provider (information via telephone and SMS printed media, unread and addressed direct mail, e-mail, etc.), and for the needs of direct marketing related statistical and market analysis, marketing profiling and segmentation. In this way, we will make sure that you are always well informed about our current offers, and you will be informed only about the products that are best suited to your desires.

As a buyer, you must explicitly provide the consent for direct marketing by email to the provider when registering and / or placing an order at »Newsletter subscribe« on the website. Otherwise, the buyer will not receive direct marketing through e-mail, and will not be properly informed about the online actions of the provider.

The consent to process personal data (made either online or through another sales channel) can be canceled at any time by calling the telephone number 03 29 26 111, otherwise you can give a cancellation of consent for direct marketing purposes, either for individual advertising channels (eg, only for submitting offers via SMS), or for all advertising channels.

At the same time, you can edit the consent to perform direct marketing by e-mail:

• by providing return email - in response to a specific e-mail received by the provider at the time of each direct marketing implementation, and / or;

• by filling in the online form, the link to which is indicated in each email message received by the provider when it is delivered directly to the provider.

You will be properly informed of each email about the possibility of canceling the consent to perform direct marketing by e-mail.

The provider will take into account your desire for cancellation and at the latest within 15 days consistently arrange the cancellation of the consent for the purpose of direct marketing through the respective or all advertising channels, and inform you about this within five days in a written or otherwise agreed manner. In doing so, the buyer does not bear any costs. The provider also provides you with all other rights in accordance with the applicable law, which is defined below.

As the operator, the provider will process and preserve all acquired personal data in accordance with the applicable relevant legislation at the moment:

• The Personal Data Protection Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 94/07) and

• Electronic Communications Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 109/12, 110/13, 40/14, 54/14 and 81/15),

and in accordance with any internal acts adopted on the basis of relevant legislation.

At the same time, it undertakes that the provider will not forward the acquired personal data to third parties, except for the visitors under contract, with whom it will first conclude a written contract for the processing of personal data.





The provider uses cookies on the website. Cookies are text files that are saved to the user's device, when a user accesses the site, while visiting and using the site. Upon re-visiting the website, the provider can access (personal) data on the user's device, which was collected using cookies.

By providing cookies, the provider provides a better and more user-friendly, personalized operation and display of the site, while cookies also help analyze the user, record the visit (statistical purposes) and make more effective advertising.

Cookies perform a number of functions - they allow tracking of web pages, allow for various campaigns and discounts (for example, gifts for the first 100 visitors, free delivery within the first ten minutes of a web site visit), and cookies also store information about whether you are a subscriber to our online news and you are entitled to certain discounts or benefits.

If you would like to find out in detail about the types and uses of cookies, we invite you to do so by clicking on the "Cookies" section at the top of the website.





All information provided is protected against the intrusion of third parties, which guarantees a carefree and smooth operation with the provider.

Protecting our users' personal data is an important concern at our company. Privacy policy addresses the handling of information that the provider receives about you when you visit and use our website, or when you perform other activities (registration and / or purchase of the product) on the website.

The provider is working hard to ensure the security of personal data. Your data is protected from loss, destruction, forgery, manipulation and unauthorized access or unauthorized disclosure at all times. The provider provides various measures and information mechanisms that ensure the smooth operation of the website and the protection of security of data transmissions on it.




The provider strongly recommends to all parents, carers and caregivers to teach their children of safe and responsible handling of personal data on the Internet. Minors should not transfer any personal data to websites without the permission of their parents or guardians. The provider will never consciously collect personal data from persons whom he or she was aware of being underage.



Any change to our Privacy Policy will be published in this Privacy Policy and other relevant sites.

Updated: August 2017